An Exclusive, Rare New Project Amidst Lush Greenery

A rare new project in this mature prime district, Martin Modern combines thoughtful modern design and unrivalled accessibility with the privileges of cosmopolitan living at its doorstep, coddled within a lush and spacious botanical parkMartin Modern has devoted 80% of its land area to be artfully developed into a unique botanical garden and arboretum of native flora, forming an enchanting natural park that will embrace the two-tower development.

15,936 sqm

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Residental Units

99 Years


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“In Martin Modern, the landscape presence becomes the strongest element, thereby, creating a distinctive identity for the development.”

Simon Morrison
ICN Design

    About The Developer

    GuocoLand thoughtfully creates – in concert with its hand-picked, best-of-breed, unique talents – contemporary homes that serve as the setting for a privileged modern life. These abodes are places that are welcoming, liveable, comfortable, and timeless. These very qualities have become the distinguishing hallmarks of the GuocoLand brand.


    The company’s recent successful launches, including Goodwood Residence, Leedon Residence, and Wallich Residence at Tanjong Pagar Centre, expound a sensible, sensitive, and elevated way of life – one of refinement, sophistication, and understated modern luxury.

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